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How to Open-Source

January 26, 2015 by Jeremy Shipman

Hooray, you've decided to open-source a SilverStripe module you are working on! This is an excellent choice. I've created a number of SilverStripe modules, and my default is to open source them. Doing so attracts other developers to use and scrutinise your code, helping your code to get better, and helping you to become a better developer.

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My 2¢ on Omnipay - Integrating with SilverStripe

September 18, 2014 by Jeremy Shipman

Understanding online payments can be hard. Thats why I decided to give a talk about online payments and using Omipay with SilverStripe at a recent SilverStripe meet-up.

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Fighting Spam with SilverStripe

August 16, 2011 by Jeremy

I decided to fight back against the spam mounting up on this blog. Over several months I explored different techniques of combatting it.

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